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The Mako Titanium Dive Knife incorporates a multi-function blade with a highly-durable cutting edge. It is made from hardened titanium, titanium being the ultimate material for light weight, long life and corrosion free performance.

  • MAKO Titanium knives team extreme resistance to corrosion with a highly durable cutting edge.
  • Conventional edge for slicing easily through numerous materials.
  • Line-cutting notch for cutting small ropes and fish lines.
  • Serrated edge for sawing heavier ropes and branches.
  • Bottle opener for convenience.
  • Sheath with unique locking mechanism to allow one-hand release.

Technical Information

  • Length of knife blade: 8.5cm / 3.34 in
  • Overall length of knife: 19cm / 7.48 in
  • Titanium knife with sheath: 162g / 5.71 oz
  • Titanium knife alone: 59g / 2.08 oz

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