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A professional-quality full-face mask, widely used by military and commercial divers worldwide.

  • Ideal design for using secondary air source, diving in contaminated environments, or employing an underwater communication system.
  • Reduced weight makes it very comfortable to wear.
  • Designed for safety and comfort while diving in very cold water, wrecks, caves, or technical diving environments.
  • Unique separate compartments for nose and mouth.
  • New metal adjustment buckles. Entirely stainless steel, quick adjustment, positive locking and release buckles provide safety, comfort and reliability.
  • Mineral anti-fogging treated lens.
  • Chemically resistant silicone skirt and mineral lens.
  • 5 points "spider" strap system. To perfectly fit the face and comfortably spread strap tension.
  • One-way valve optional alternate air source adapter.
  • A700, G260 and R195 cannot be connected to the Full Face due to the different size of the mouthpiece adapter.

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