Introducing the M2

Power. Pure and Simple. Below its stunning surface, the new, air-integrated M2 offers all the robust features you expect from SCUBAPRO. Featuring powerful biometrics that customize your dive profile, and an intuitive design—you can spend less time with a manual and more time underwater.

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Mantis / M1

A TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED DIVE COMPUTING SYSTEM This computer is all about you. With easy-to-use features, it's the world's first wristwatch-style personal dive computer with Human Factor Diving.

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Propulsion beyond compare

A great fin that combines classic SCUBAPRO fin technology with the latest innovations in hydrodynamic design. Seawing Nova has the power, acceleration and maneuverability of a paddle fin with the comfort and effortlessness of a split fin. The articulated joint allows the blade to pivot and the entire blade generates thrust.

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For Freedivers

Leave your tank behind and slip into
the ocean with the freedom to explore. With innovation and performance at the forefront, SCUBAPRO’s debut freediving line was created with world-class freedivers. Every fin, mask, snorkel, and wetsuit was designed to make the most of your single breath.

Introducing SCUBAPRO Element


Keeping kids comfortable, confident, and
safe in the water starts with the right gear. SCUBAPRO offers a complete line of snorkeling and diving equipment built around young divers’ needs. And for parents, there’s no better peace of mind than seeing your children wearing
the best name in the business.

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Deep Blue goes EVO

SCUBAPRO’s top regulator technology is paired with a MK25 EVO, in both the S600 Titanium and the Deep Blue first stages this year. A stunning combination, our Deep Blue PVD finish ensures high scratch and corrosion resistance. Paired with an interior titanium barrel second stage for lightweight performance.

MK 25 EVO Deep Blue

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