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J-TRAK is the most powerful Mac software application to visualise your dive profiles, manage your logbooks and change your dive computer settings prior to a dive. With a sampling rate for J-TRAK of 4 seconds, this program allows you to analyse your dives with amazing detail. J-TRAK allows you to store and retrieve other useful information such as details about the dive location, conditions, weather and buddy details.

The language selection between English, German, Italian and French is done automatically according to Mac's System Preferences. The communication between the Smart dive computer and the Mac is handled over an external infrared adapter.

J-TRAK is a joint development. The application has been written by frobese GmbH of Hannover, Germany.

Technical Information

Software requirements:
Operating system: Mac OS X Version Snow Leopard or higher, JAVA 6.x v21 or higher

Infrared interface:
To establish a connection between your UWATEC dive computer and your Apple Macintosh you need an infrared device (IrDA).
The latest Apple computers do not have a built in IrDA device. You have to buy an external USB to IrDA adapter from your local Apple dealer.

Supported dive computers (changing dive computer setting is supported only on Smart and Aladin):
Galileo Sol, Galileo Luna, Galileo Terra SmartTEC, SmartCOM, SmartZ, SmartPRO, Aladin 2G, Aladin TEC2G, Aladin TEC, Aladin PRIME, Aladin ONE.

Available languages:
English, German, Italian, French

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