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Someone once suggested that Stan Waterman was the "Jacques Cousteau of American diving" and was promptly corrected to re-state, "Cousteau was actually more like the Stan Waterman of France." If you've ever met the man, who's larger than life personality and incredible stories from decades of exploration make him as intriguing as delightful, you will agree.

Stan Stan Waterman just may be the most influential and certainly one of the best-known scuba divers in the world. We suppose it only makes sense that the greatest legend in the sport would dive the best gear as well. Both pioneers of the same mindset, Stan and our organization were cut from the same cloth, driven by technical excellence, exploration, adventure, preservation and a love for all things in the ocean. Stan Waterman has been diving for over 70 years and he's been doing it in SCUBAPRO for nearly four decades.

Our world – and the sport of scuba diving – will never be the same thanks to this very amazing gentleman. His attraction to the underwater world began more than 20 years before ours, when as a schoolboy in 1936 he first dived with a Japanese Ama diver's mask in Florida. In the 1950's, inspired by Cousteau's revolutionary invention of the Aqua Lung, Stan acquired one of the earliest sets sold in the US and went on to become diving's most eloquent ambassador. In 1974, he met Dick Bonin and acquired his first SCUBAPRO kit. Decades later, and with just a few pieces of new gear, he is responsible for inspiring not just the development of many SCUBAPRO products, but thousands of watermen and quite certainly many, many more to come.

Stan Driven by a love of being underwater, Stan employed his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. He taught himself underwater cinematography, built one of the first underwater cameras and produced some of the earliest – as well as most influential – films. Stan was diving before we even understood the science behind it, exploring 3,000-year-old wrecks in Greece and discovering tiny creatures in Indonesia. And his adventures, diving career and love for exploration, still continues today.

More than just an explorer, poet, adventurer and 5-time Emmy award-winning cinematographer, Stan is also a dedicated conservationist, protecting what he knows and loves. He has been working with Peter Benchley since the '70s and has done much to preserve the oceans as well as their most impressive predators. It is these accomplishments he is most proud of, and speaks of with the greatest degree of passion and enthusiasm.

For all of these reasons and more, SCUBAPRO is honored to call Stan Waterman one of their own – an ambassador in name, spirit and example – an iconic figure and steward of diving as well as the oceans.

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"Stay active no matter what age, stay involved, and dare to take that risk to get yourself out of the 'regular'"... Stan Waterman "Stan is the diving industry's national treasure. His body of work is legendary, and admired by all, and that creative work will live forever. Always the quintessential gentleman, his story telling is exceptional, and his love and protection of our oceans is part and parcel of SCUBAPRO's core values." – Joe Stella, Group Vice President SCUBAPRO / Johnson Outdoors "His uninhibited gifts of wisdom and opportunity are debts that can never be repaid. But sharing hundreds of dives with Stan is the gift I most cherish. Stan dives with an almost childlike enthusiasm that has never dulled." SCUBAPRO Ambassador Howard Hall