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Technical Information

Size Lift (N) Lift (lb) Max bottle size (l)
XS 121 27 15
S 160 36 18
M 200 45 18
L 260 58 10+10
XL 300 67 10+10

The new Classic combines the best features past and present. This version incorporatesa a new look and RF welding technology with our unbeatable rugged performance the Classic is known for. Discerning divers will appreciate details like the easy-access chest pockets.

  • Super Cinch Tank Band
    Stainless steel cam action buckle system for easy adjustment and secure grip
  • Fabric: N 420D/N 420DNylon (N) is lightweight and thanks to polyurethane coating, resistant to punctures. The fiber mass density is measured in deniers (D)
  • QR Front Weight Integration 
    Weight-integrated pockets with wide, easy release buckles
  • Back Trim Counter weight pockets for better balance
  • 6 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Padded Back Pack
    Fast drying soft padding for ultimate comfort in and out of the water
  • Knife Grommets
    Makes an emergency or utility knife easily accessible in any situation
  • 2 Zip and 2 Velcro Pockets
    For safe and convenient accessory storage
  • Fully Adjustable Cummerbund
    Immediately adapts to different morphologies and suit thicknesses on the spot
  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator or AIR2

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