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Diving gives you a unique, float-in-space feeling. Diving with a dry suit makes that underwater experience even more intense.By keeping dry under the water and on the surface, you are warmer and more comfortable from start to finish-and that enhances the dive tremendously.

Dry suit diving is the norm for advanced and technical divers,whether for cold water or for multiple dives in temperatewaters. And no matter what the diver's level, a dry suit is imperative for all real cold water diving. Dry suit diving lets you dive all year-round, anywhere on the globe, in total comfort and safety. Dry suit divers are not only seen in frozen lakes or in northern seas, they are also common in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean: even in warm water, conducting 3 or 4 dives a day, the body feels the difference.

Dry suit diving is synonymous with protection.Thermal protection is the priority feature but a dry suit also shields a diver from polluted waters, sharp edges in wrecks or coral-cuts.

Dry suits come in two main styles: membrane and neoprene.

SCUBAPRO has been making premium dive gear for close to 50 years. Our experience and emphasis on quality has also been applied to producing our dry suit line. SCUBAPRO was one of the first manufacturers to bring a primarily professional type diving suit to the recreational market. And today our commitment and exacting standards continue to guarantee top line products for demanding divers. There are hundreds of reasons for getting into a SCUBAPRO dry suit: advanced, anti-cold, better buoyancy, comfortable, convenient, durable, easy-to-wear and to use, enhancede xperience, precise insulation, flexible, innovative, premium, protective, quick-drying, lightweight, ...

No matter what your dive style, our line-up of dry suits andunderwear encompasses a wide range of choice and design.



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WARNING: When diving, you must follow the rules and apply the skills taught by a recognized scuba diving certification agency. Before taking part in any diving activity, it is mandatory to have successfully completed a scuba diving course. Information on this website does not replace a diving instruction course.