Introducing the M2

Power. Pure and Simple. Below its stunning surface, the new, air-integrated M2 offers all the robust features you expect from SCUBAPRO. Featuring powerful biometrics that customize your dive profile, and an intuitive design—you can spend less time with a manual and more time underwater.

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For Freedivers

Leave your tank behind and slip into
the ocean with the freedom to explore. With innovation and performance at the forefront, SCUBAPRO’s debut freediving line was created with world-class freedivers. Every fin, mask, snorkel, and wetsuit was designed to make the most of your single breath.

Introducing SCUBAPRO Element

Perfect Balance of Comfort and Stability

The Equalizer is everything you want in a recreational diving BC. Lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable, in the water the wraparound bladder’s equalizing design gives you a secure feeling while delivering a stable ride. After the dive the Equalizer’s PU-coated nylon dries quickly. In reliability, comfort and performance, the Equalizer is truly a winner.

An excellent choice for recreational divers.

Get Personal

Your dive computer should adapt to you, and that’s exactly what the M2 does. Using SCUBAPRO’s exclusive Human Factor Diving™, the M2 uses your own heart rate and skin temperature to customize your workload computations at a level unmatched in modern dive computing. The ultimate in go-anywhere, do-anything, personal dive computing, the M2 leaves you free to explore.

Human Factor Diving™. Its the future.

Power Beyond Compare

Delivering brilliant illumination, a choice of wide or spot beams and multiple light modes to suit any dive scenario, the Nova 2100 SF turns every dive into an unforgettable underwater experience. With its lightweight anodized aluminum light head and compact fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate body, plus loads of accessories—all included, the Nova 2100 SF is in a class of its own.

Shine a light on the world of diving—and beyond.

WARNING: When diving, you must follow the rules and apply the skills taught by a recognized scuba diving certification agency. Before taking part in any diving activity, it is mandatory to have successfully completed a scuba diving course. Information on this website does not replace a diving instruction course.