GO Traveling, GO Diving, GO Snorkeling

The new GO fin offers the fit of an open heel fin and the comfort of a full foot fin.  Lightweight yet virtually indestructible, it’s a fast and nimble performer in the water, plus it’s designed to fit easily in IATA carry-on compliant luggage, making it the ideal fin for world travelers.

GO anywhere with the GO FIN

A Breakthrough in Dive Comfort and Convenience

The HYDROS  PRO is the perfect BC for any destination and any dive. Two BCs in one, with a quick switch of clips you can transform the HYDROS PRO from a harness travel BC to an integrated weight BC. Now you only need one BC for both local diving and travel.

Introducing HYDROS PRO BC

It’s a Regulator (R)evolution

The new S620 Ti second stage embraces the best of SCUBAPRO’s renowned S600 in an upgraded, state-of-the-art design built to handle all depths, water temperatures and dive conditions. Teamed with SCUBAPRO’s premium piston and diaphragm first stages, with the new S620 Ti you get unbeatable engineering and unbelievable performance.

It's a Regulator (R)evolution

Introducing the M2

Power. Pure and Simple. Below its stunning surface, the new, air-integrated M2 offers all the robust features you expect from SCUBAPRO. Featuring powerful biometrics that customize your dive profile, and an intuitive design—you can spend less time with a manual and more time underwater.

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For Freedivers

Leave your tank behind and slip into
the ocean with the freedom to explore. With innovation and performance at the forefront, SCUBAPRO’s debut freediving line was created with world-class freedivers. Every fin, mask, snorkel, and wetsuit was designed to make the most of your single breath.

Introducing SCUBAPRO Element

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