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Galileo TMX upgrade
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The SCUBAPRO TRIMIX algorithm for Galileo divecomputers is now available for all certified trimixdivers. TRIMIX divers can download the trimix algorithm free of charge onto their Galileo computer if they have at least the 1.6 firmware installed in a Galileo Sol. On Galileo Luna and Terra models, the PMG upgrade is required along with 1.6 firmware.



The Galileo dive computer has undergone some modifications involving updating the device hard- and software. This modification also affects the TMX Upgrade, which must also be adapted to the new hardware. The testing and certification of the TMX upgrade will take some time to complete.

To determine which version the device is, the Hardware-Version can be displayed on the device. The serial number does not indicate this. The hardware version can be shown by following these steps:

    A "new" Galileo reads: HW version: 1.2

The current TMX Software can not be used with the updated Galileo's. An error message will be displayed.
It is still unknown as to when the Trimix upgrade for the updated Galileo's will be available as the duration of the certification process can vary.

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