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These are the two most important dive gauges you'll ever need.

For new divers, it's easy to get bedazzled by all the really cool equipment choices available for building a dive kit. That's part of the fun of diving, but first things first. Topping your gear wish list, along with a reliable regulator, should be a quality instrument console loaded with the two dive gauges you literally can't live without -- a submersible pressure gauge (SPG) and a depth gauge. These two instruments are, and always will be, among the most critical components of your dive rig, and you need them right now.

SCUBAPRO's 2-GAUGE CONSOLE features a compact SPG that reads O-5000psi (perfect for both Yoke and DIN regulator users) with easy-to-read tick marks in 100psi increments. Mounted just above it is an oil-filled depth gauge that reads 0-150ft in 5ft increments and includes a maximum depth indicator (MDI), a must-have feature for any serious diver. The two gauges are protectively recessed in a compact console that's built to withstand lots of abuse. A molded eye allows for clipping onto a retractor or D-ring so you will always know your gauges are close at hand.

The 2-GAUGE CONSOLE provides the only analog gauges you'll probably ever need. Use them today as inexpensive start-up gauges, and use them tomorrow as reliable backups to a full-featured dive computer which, if you don't have one now, is surely in your future.

Technical Information

  • Sturdy all-in-one console offers recessed compartments to protect gauges from bumps and knocks.
  • Analog submersible pressure gauge reads 0-5000psi in 100psi increments.
  • Oil-filled depth gauge reads 0-150ft in 5ft increments, and includes a maximum depth indicator.
  • Molded eye lets you clip the console to a D-ring or retractor to keep it close at hand.
  • Gauges also available in metric versions.

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