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3/2 mm MEN'S - NAVY
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Just because the water's warm doesn't mean you can't get cold.

The PROFILE 3MM is a purpose-built steamer made from X-Foam formula neoprene that offers an ideal blend of style and function at an affordable price. Featuring triathlon-cut styling, a micro-plush interior lining, smooth-skin panels in the torso area, and a rear diagonal zipper, the PROFILE 3MM's glued and double blind-stitched outer seams are durable and block water intrusion, while the single blind-stitched inner seams enhance comfort.

The diagonal rear zipper design is easy to get in and out of, plus helps keep water out, enhances fit and just looks good. There are zippered seals on wrists and ankles, and the smooth-cut neck provides better comfort and water-blocking attributes than traditional rolled-edged collars. Integrated Tatex kneepads offer abrasion resistance for the lower legs, and anti-slip patches on the shoulders help keep your BC in place.

The PROFILE 3MM delivers quality thermal protection during those long days diving tropical waters. Offering quality seam construction, zippered seals and a bevy of comfort and convenience features, the PROFILE 3MM is a top thermal performer that won't bust your budget.

Available Sizes:
Men: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.
Women: 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Technical Information

  • Offering the perfect blend of style and function at an affordable price.
  • Built with a mix of stretch and abrasion resistant X-Foam neoprene that's also eco friendly.
  • Triathlon cut employs wider panels covering the underarm and back areas; this creates a pattern that allows unrestricted arm and shoulder movement when swimming.
  • Double blind-stitched outer seams are durable and single blind-stitched inner seams are comfortable against bare skin.
  • Rear diagonal zipper offers effective water sealing qualities and enhances fit.
  • Metal main zipper slider is sturdy yet easy to operate.
  • Nylon webbing thumb loop is provided at the base of the zipper for easy donning.
  • Smooth-cut neckline provides unprecedented comfort compared to traditional rolled-edged collars.
  • Integrated Tatex kneepads offer abrasion resistance and maximize leg flexibility.


SCUBAPRO's Everflex is produced with X-Foam neoprene, an exclusive SCUBAPRO formula. X-Foam, now used in all SCUBAPRO wetsuits, is the only formula that complies with very strict P.A.H. test requirements. P.A.H. (Polycyclic AromaticHydrocarbons) are found in many things, including petroleum-based products. SCUBAPRO is very encouraged to be able to offer this neoprene blend in order to better protect both divers and our seas.

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