• Where should I store my SCUBAPRO dive equipment when not in use?

    SCUBAPRO believes that equipment needs to be stored in a clean, dry and climate controlled environment. Failure to control the heat and cold during storage will greatly shorten the lifespan of the equipment.
    Wetsuits and drysuits should be stored on a thick hanger utilizing a garment type bag to protect from dust and light. Storing gear in a dive bag is only recommended for short periods like when traveling or going to and from the dive site.


  • Where do I get my regulators serviced?

    See your local Authorized Dealer & Service facility. Locate the one closest to you using this Find A Dealer map.

  • What is the current service cycle for my regulator?

    SCUBAPRO regulators need to be serviced every 24 months or 100 dives, whichever comes first, by an Authorized SCUBAPRO Dealer.

  • What is the best regulator for cold water diving?

    All SCUBAPRO regulators are tested and certified for cold water diving. Special tuning and adjustments are recommended and can be preformed by an Authorized Dealer.

  • Can I convert my regulators from INT to DIN?

    All SCUBAPRO first stages can be converted from INT to DIN or vice-versa, using the appropriate kit. This operation should only be performed by a SCUBAPRO certified technician such as one operating at an Authorized Dealer.

  • Are SCUBAPRO regulators Nitrox compatible?

    All SCUBAPRO regulators are compatible with gas mixes up to 40%.

    SCUBAPRO has also designed special regulator systems that can be used with gas mixes containing oxygen concentrations higher than 21% and up to 100% at a maximum operating pressure of 200bar. These systems are easily identifiable by their green and yellow color accents.

    Within the European Community, the use of Nitrox mixes is regulated by norms EN 13949 and EN 144-3. SCUBAPRO regulators distributed to countries outside of the European Community use normal INT or DIN connections, and users are required to follow the same safety procedures that apply to dedicated Nitrox regulators and comply with the regulations set by each country concerning the use of Nitrox mixes for diving. Please see our Regulator section for more details and warnings regarding Nitrox diving.

  • Is my SCUBAPRO titanium regulator compatible with the use of Nitrox or pure oxygen?

    Titanium is not compatible with high blend Nitrox (oxygen enriched air) mixes because it may ignite when exposed to high oxygen concentrations. For this reason it is not advisable to use titanium regulators with Nitrox. Where local laws do not restrict the use of standard international fittings for Nitrox use (outside the EU, for example), titanium regulators may be used with up to 40% Nitrox without any conversions. Titanium regulators cannot be cleaned or converted for use with Nitrox mixes higher than 40%.

  • Can I get service kits or parts so I can service my own regulator?

    SCUBAPRO professionally trains and certifies technicians from Authorized Dealers to be able to service all SCUBAPRO regulators. These technicians have the special skills, tools and equipment to safely service your regulator. We do not sell parts direct.